Ideas for future cables jams

first of all I like the idea of cables jams. It challenges people to think a bit outside the box. I have a few ideas to further improve these events.

First of all. Make more promo in beforehand. A couple of hours before the contest starts is not enough! Giving the timeframe of about 5 days to work on your entry, it would be nice to plan in advance, reserve a few hours here and there. I like the fact that you combined it with a meetup in Berlin. Maybe these can be streamed in the future.

A couple of ideas for future challenges.
In addition to the topic, release a list of OPs that have to be (partially)included, this challenges people to learn new stuff :slight_smile:
I would also like a kind of music challenge where you get a 1 minute track and you have to visualize it the best you can. I would like to see the outcome what each challenger interprets in the music.

Looking forward to the next.