How does the Gradient UI work?

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I tried adding a Gradient to one of my patches but couldn’t figure how to add specific colors to the gradient. The UI seems confusing? Wondering how it works.

Thank you!


i assume you are talking about the GradientTexture-Op? Here is a quick example on how to use it:

As for the UI:

You click on “edit” in the Op-Settings at “Gradient” and the editor opens, now you can move the existing “breakpoints” left and right, or delete them by dragging them up or down until they are being marked with a red border.

To add a new “breakpoint” just click on the bar below the gradient. This will first assign a random color to that “breakpoint”, you can now choose a color by clicking on the “color field” right next to the gradient and use the colorpicker.

We are currently working on making this op accept an Array as an input to make this more programmable and also to add alpha values.

Hope this cleared things up a bit.