How can I publish custom ops?

I see that an the profile page on the website there is an ‘op’ category. How can I publish my custom ops here ?

And incidently is ther a way to make the private ops public ?


there currently is no way to “publish” user-ops or even share them between users. we are actually thinking about something like this already…

for now you could make your patch public, people could then (at least) copy the code…


Ok great thanks ! that’s more that enough for now.

Unfortunately not. All you see is a blank text field.

hmmm…okay…i’ll put this on the list then…sorry for misinformation :expressionless:

OK then thank you for the information.

I’ll probably use a github repo to store the code for ops then with their documentation in the readme, and instructions on how to use them.

This may be a good way to do this btw : link a github repo to the profile by user