Hittest Rectangle

i miss a more sophisticated hittest for touch and mouse input.

in vvvv we have this hittest(quad) which takes a spread(array) of rectangle transforms and tests if a spread (array) of touchinputs is within the rectangle. testing multiple touches is an edge case, we most use a single touch with an array of buttons(rectangles).

what could be incorporated is transforming rectangles from 3d space to 2d space to test in 2d. (eg. Flags glued to a 3d product which is moved by orbitcontrols)

this is the vvvv node code

yep very good idea

Hi there,
Maybe check out the InteractiveRectangle op
You could have a few of them and just feed the values into an array op with arraySetNumber

hi andro,

i‘m not a big fan of having a node several times. lets say you want a grid of buttons eg. a gallery. you don‘t really want the interactiverectangle multiple times in your patch.