Highres displays and picker op - SOLVED

Having a bit of trouble here and think it may be a bug unless I’m going about something wrong.
In my main loop, theres a tick button for high res displays which appears to make everything sharper and better for high res desktop displays. Important when you want sharp text I guess.

Heres a stripped back comp of something I’m working on.

If you track out an orbit around, you should be able to hover over the pink circle and the view will get reset. this is exactly what I want.

But, when you click on the high res displays tick in the main loop settings it appears the anchor point of the circle has moved.

You’ll notice it moved in the bottom right of this picture. Makes me think that something is not scaling right when in high res mode.

If someone could let me know if this is a bug or if I’m doing something wrong that would be great. I imagine this is an important feature for a lot of people.

Thanks guys.

Hi KeepItVisual,

This doesn’t give me any problems on chrome win 10.
When posting possible bugs always include as much system info as possible.
You can use this link

With hi-res mode enabled.

On the texture op try the different filter settings. MipMap will slightly blur things.
Try the other 2 modes to see what works best for you.

Here’s a copy of my browser settings if that helps:

I’ve just updated chrome on my mac and still encountering this problem, the offset throws my picker off.


Have you tested this with firefox or safari ?

Just tested with safari and still no joy.
As soon as the high res it ticked the pink sphere loses its functionality. Nice to know its working for you though. Incidentally I’ve just saved that comp with the high res turned on for testing.

Hi KeepItVisual,
We discovered the problem and have now fixed it.
Please give it a try and see if everything works out for you.

Solved. Thanks for the quick response. Great work guys!

I am still seeing this. JFYI.

i retested on a retina macbook

this patch:

works fine. please make an issue with example patch