Gradient Editor

Hi there! First post and I want to say hello and props for the great framework and everyone contributing.

I have encountered a bug concerning editing the gradients using the visual colour picker. When I want to add a
second (or more) colour(s) the selected colour is not integrated.

Clicking on the gradient line creates a new random colour which I can’t edit.

Am I doing anything wrong?


Hi v1l, could you please post a link to your patch ?

please try again, this should work now!

According to I should be able to select “the small squares at the bottom and then the larger square to change the colour of that gradient point.”. Selecting a new RGB value neither modifies the small square in the editor nor the code at any point. The only thing I am able to do is generate random colours when I click on the think line. Here is my patch

The op seems to be working fine.
Can you provide more information on which browser and OS you are using?