Gltf & meshinstancer

Hi cables gurus,

First of all. Love the program and how it is developing. Anxious to use it for some real world application. But I am running in some problems.

I am trying to recreate the header animation of my site. See here:

I imported the skull made of cubes via glb.

whoo succes. Cant visually see the structure but “see structure” says it it all there.

Now I would like to copy cubes to the pivot points.

Sorta looks like it is working but it also looks like there are two meshes the cubes are copied to.
I connected bounding points to positions. Maybe that is wrong. Are bounding points the vertices of the mesh or the pivots of the mesh? To me it does not look it is doing either one.

Other question; the two triggers, before and after, which should be used when?

So naturally I experiment and connect & disconnect stuff. The mesh explodes after that and cant seem to get it to behave again.

Would appreciate it if someone could give me some pointers.

Thanks in advance, Szann

Hi there,
Please post a link to the patch and we’ll help you from there.