GLTF Instancing

Hi dear cables community…

I was wondering if or how it is possible to instance/copy a gltf mesh.
My first approach was something like this:

Btw… while pluggin in the array in the position it would only snap into the scale eventough I used a array3… still when I hover over the input it says it is connected to the position. a bit weird.

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this is basically correct way

the node you used had no mesh, so you need use the other one. in the structure view you can see which ones have a mesh next to the name.

be aware that scaling can be strange if the exporter decides to make everything huge or tiny…

you can also store lots of positions in the gltf and read them out as an array (for e.g. mesh instancing) using GltfNodeTransforms op

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Will have a look at the Gltf Transform Opp. Could make everything run as i wanted it… for now :wink: