GLTF animation not working?

Hi all!
I’ve run into a bit of a headache trying to figure out how to use an animated GLTF in Cables. From the examples on the site it should have been as easy as adding syncing timing with the timeline or adding a timer. Am I missing something here regarding animations in GLTF?

I’ve checked the .glb I exported from Blender and it displays the animation perfectly fine elsewhere (for example using )

The patch in question is here:

Thanks in advance!

Hi Gleam
This example patch shows animation working as expected.
It’s kind of hard to know what could have gone wrong from the blender side.
Can you provide more insight into how you exported this and with what settings?

Hi andro!
I used the default settings for exporting from Blender 2.8 with the inbuilt GLTF addon (no changes apart from making sure it’s a GLTF binary, .glb file).

The 3D scene itself is a simple rigged mesh that’s animated.