Gltf and geometry

Hello everyone,
I had a problem with turning an obj file to a json file. However, I thought I solved it by converting it to a glb file but this time there is no geometry… I want to use geometry in order to use surface scatter. What can I do?

Hi there,
Please post a patch with an example of the problem.

Actually there was no any problem, I was looking for a way but now the .obj files that I uploaded giving an error after exporting them to .json files
The Error : mesh not found - index out of range / or no file selected

Without a link to the patch we can’t help you with the problem your having.

hey, with glb files you can expose a node and have access to the geometry.

click “show structure” and then expose button next to it. this will create an op which gives you access to the geometry

you can also send me that obj file if you want. normally this works fine.

Thank you so much, problem solved :slight_smile:

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