Get error convert to json file

I’ve following the tutorial of data visualization. but there is some issue to load .csv file. It doesn’t allow to change json file.
Eventually, there is nothing in result of array. Due to failing convert the data, I guess:))
Anyone having same experice ?

Hey quePixel,

Can you provide an example patch to highlight your problem?


Hi Simod,
Thank you for the reply.
Yes, Here is the screenshot.
I simply drag the file to patch and doesn’t do anything. After minute, there is a msesage that upload error.
I’ve try all difference files and convert with exel on google but no luck :)))
Have you got something on your mind ?

Can you post a link to the patch? Then we can look into it. A screenshot is not of much help here :(.


Hi Simod,
I don’t have any because I follow the youtube and the issue was happened even before starting the patching :)) It needs to be load the .csv file and do something.
It’s okay, I can follow other topic to learning.
Thank you for the feedback.