Gamepad op crashed

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Recently, I tried my old patch with Gamepad and it didn’t work anymore.
So, I check the examples of Gamepad OP, it doesn’t work as well.
Therefore, I would like to know is this going to be fixed? or are you planning to make a new OP for the gamepad?

Thank you for your answer in advance.

Have a good one.


After some testing, It turns out to be the hardware problem I assumed.

For this problem I had, I was using 4 wii-nunchucks with ELECOM Game pad converter, and I tried one with my Mac, and it does work. So I assumed it will work with my Dell as well but no luck here.

Therefore, I switch back to my 8bitdo GBros Adapter, and it works fine. It is a bit clumsy and heavier but I can bear with that.

Just an info for those who want to use wii gamepads with converters.