Gallery where Default Images and Hovered Matches

Heyho Guys ! I need some help !

I am struggling to make a menu with images using RayCasting technique and have the Hover Image state to match the Default Images States.

To get the “index” of the hovered element I use FilterByString from the Physics Body Array.
The string comes out as 0 point something ( 0.X ) since I havent specified a name in the physics body array op , which then I transform to number and multiply by 10.

So I get rid of the 0. and it becomes 0, 1, 2, 3, and so on.

I am using Iterator3x and Texture Array, then using getTexture using the index output of the iterator for the default Images State.

Then I use ArrayGe3tNumbers op to be able to put a rectangle exactly in place of the hovered element.

For its texture I use again a getTexture and use the “index” I am getting from the FilterByString output which I converted to a number and multiplied by 10 to become a integer.

Ive used to do this whole gallery stuff really easy with the picker
but I am struggling with this…
my cables - fu got stiff…

thank you !!!