Font not loading on mobile - SOLVED

Hey, I’m having a bit of trouble adding a font. I’ve dragged it in and referenced the family and it says its loaded. I can see it in the viewer everything fine, but when I use the secret link and check it on mobile it doesn’t seem to load and I get that replacement font. Is there a way I can make sure it loads upfront? Any help appreciate :slight_smile:

i just created this example:

i tested it on mac in chrome,firefox,safari and ios safari. works everywhere.

please give more details what you are doing.

that being said, fonts are always tricky.
there is no (verywhere) working system to be notified when a font has finished loading…

we are planing to use a different approach for fonts in the future, a json fileformat ( TypeFace.js ) which will make this more reliable.

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to be 100% sure the font loads before everything else, put them in the html header in your final page.

Thanks pandur, will look into this a bit more, at the moment i’ve done everything as you. I even tried adding a gate that would prevent anything from happening until the font has loaded. i’ll try the header solution and report back. thanks for your time.