Firefox issue: IBL + VideoTexture breaks on toggle

Hi all!
so I’m experiencing a rather specific issue in FIrefox: when toggling a 3D mesh that has a video texture & an IBL material after the initial on/off toggle the meshes stops displaying when the toggle is invoked again. This does not happen if the material is is e.g. Phong.

An example patch is linked here. 01-03 are IBL materials and work fine on/off only once in Firefox, 04-05 are Phong materials and work consistently no matter how many times they are toggled.

The issue doesn’t occur in Chrome.

Is there a way of fixing/working around the issue that doesn’t entail losing those lovely IBL lightmaps? (I.e. changing material type)

Hi there,
Please post a patch highlighting the problem.

The example patch linked above should highlight the issue (it breaks after initial on/off toggle in Firefox for IBL materials on all the Firefox installs I have available to test on). Let me know if you need something in addition to that above example!

In case anyone runs into the same issue, this appears to be some obscure bug that occurs with Firefox & WebGL (not only in cables, but also elsewhere) under these conditions which doesn’t appear to have any easy fix just yet.

I ended up just creating a workaround to fake some of the effects of IBL that I wanted, which works just as well.