Firefox issue: IBL + VideoTexture breaks on toggle

Hi all!
so I’m experiencing a rather specific issue in FIrefox: when toggling a 3D mesh that has a video texture & an IBL material after the initial on/off toggle the meshes stops displaying when the toggle is invoked again. This does not happen if the material is is e.g. Phong.

An example patch is linked here. 01-03 are IBL materials and work fine on/off only once in Firefox, 04-05 are Phong materials and work consistently no matter how many times they are toggled.

The issue doesn’t occur in Chrome.

Is there a way of fixing/working around the issue that doesn’t entail losing those lovely IBL lightmaps? (I.e. changing material type)

Hi there,
Please post a patch highlighting the problem.

The example patch linked above should highlight the issue (it breaks after initial on/off toggle in Firefox for IBL materials on all the Firefox installs I have available to test on). Let me know if you need something in addition to that above example!