External Libraries Not Found

When in an Op and trying to add a library file from the dropdown (ex. tone.js) i get a 400 response from the server when trying to fetch this file: https://cables.gl/api/op/Ops.Gl.QrCode/libs/tone.js

Actually, this seems to be an issue for any of the libraries in the dropdown menu.

Really enjoying using cables!


in general: it does not really make any sense to add a library to a preexisting op,
since that op will not use any of the code in the library. the libraries in the dropdown
are for your own custom ops to use.

then again, this seems to work fine for me:


Hi Stephan,
Thanks for the help.
I’m still not able to successfully add any library to a brand new op.
I followed the directions in this post (https://docs.cables.gl/webaudio/webaudio.html) and when i add the line starting with Tone. and save, I get an error from Cables saying that Tone does not exist:

CABLES.WEBAUDIO.createAudioContext(); Tone.setContext(window.audioContext);

Error in op: Ops.User.andrej.ToneTest

Tone is not defined

ReferenceError: Tone is not defined at new Ops.User.andrej.ToneTest (https://cables.gl/api/op/Ops.User.andrej.ToneTest?nc=268975:15:1) at Pt.createOp (https://sandbox.cables.gl/ui/js/cables.min.js?nc=223693:1:160448) at Pt.addOp (https://sandbox.cables.gl/ui/js/cables.min.js?nc=223693:1:161424) at Pt.reloadOp (https://sandbox.cables.gl/ui/js/cables.min.js?nc=223693:1:166280) at CABLES.UI.ServerOps. (https://sandbox.cables.gl/ui/js/cablesui.min.js?nc=224049:1:89586)

{ "objName": "Ops.User.andrej.ToneTest", "id": "fb99f5cf-0bf4-440e-9fa5-7c461ca1eba9", "uiAttribs": { "translate": { "x": 0, "y": 0 }, "subPatch": 0, "notWorkingMsg": null }, "portsIn": [], "portsOut": [] }