Export bug maybe TextMeshMSDF - ANSWERED

Unusual. exported composition black. no type.

Preview works, but when i download the assets and open the index file I just get black. Any suggestions?


H there,

Does this link in the docs help?

@andro this hasn’t really helped.

I actually exported the project and added it via ftp to my site and it still appears black. Interestingly I set up an invert toggle when you click your mouse. This is working but the rest of the patch is loading empty.

Other patches seem to work fine but this one isn’t and I’m wondering if it’s something to do with the MSDF ops. Only guessing though. Thanks for your help.

ok thats a tricky bug.

so exported patch using msdf font does not work with font files from the library. so if you download the font files and upload them into your patch, it will work… will fix this soon

Thanks @pandur this quick fix worked for me.
Incidentally, where can one find these font images? I can’t seem to find many.

you can upload a .ttf file and then click “convert msdf” button in the file details.

yes, we need to communicate this better…