Embedding patches into wordpress + audio reactive - SOLVED

I’m having difficulties to embed a patch on my website (made with wordpress). http://cosonero.com/

patch example: https://cables.gl/p/hXqaRX

I did try:

  • paste iframe sharing code into html container (this is working for vimeo player in my website). With the patch sharing code I get a message like “Cannot GET /view/5de63ee09ce3d152f88bab6f”

  • export patch and upload via ftp. I can view it as a complete page on my url (not integrated as background or similar with my content). And the audio reactive properties are gone.
    see here: http://cosonero.com/skull/

Guess I have 2 questions: how to embed the patch into my wordpress and how to keep the audio reactive properties?

If audio reactive function only works on your website a “fullscreen” redirection to the patch could be interesting too.

I’ve seen similar topics in the forum but couldn’t solve it. Any help would be much appreciated.

It should work if you remove the “sandbox.” from the link

Thanks Grnch!

iframe code works :[http://cosonero.com/knee](http://cosonero.com/knee)

At first there was no audio reactive feature. But it was caused by a security block because of no ssl certificate on my domain. Changed to “https” and now it works on firefox browser.
It doesn’t work 100% smooth everytime but guess it can be my internet connection or similar.