Duplicating a Patch

I´m trying to save a patch with a different name to start a new one over it, but it doesn’t appear as saved…
Does it have a limited size or number of projects?

Hi JafetBR,

To save a patch as a different version go to this setting

Make sure it has a different name than the original. This should just work, if there’s a problem then please post a link to the patch.

Yes, this is what I did to duplicate, like ever… The old SAVE AS with a different name… Basic.
But it isn’t recording. …or storing.
When I go back to “my patches”, the new project isn’t there.
Don’t know why…

Sorry all… I was looking at Patches, public patches… Not at My Patches… :crazy_face:

is this always the case or with one specific patch ?

aha, then you need to clone the patch. It’s on the bottom right part of the screen