Do some tutorials with fonts please

How it works?

Hi Adam,
Just to clear up whats going on here.

  • We have a tutorial video with basic textures and text
  • What exactly is the problem here ? Can you specify what it is you’re trying to achieve ?
  1. Howto insert some google font, or custom .ttf
  2. Howto change options, like: bold, italic, space between symbols.
  3. Howto make looooong text-scroll?

hey guys, I’ve been trying to change the font options as well, I need it to be bold, but there’s no such option. Can you help us?

Hi there,
We’ll do our best to get a short tutorial put together about this in the near future.
Thanks for the feedback!

I could use much more this platform to create design projects if I could have a better control of the typography settings. It doesn’t work very well. It’s just a feedback, I think this feature is very important for any designer.


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Also curious about being able to use Google Web Fonts / similar font embedding options when using css & html elements. Anyone gotten this to work?

edit: this video has a great explanation here, so pretty simple stuff once you have the font loaded properly.