Disabling TriggerOnce is not working correctly (probably)

Hello, I’m totally fresh into the Cables, so sorry if it’s not a bug, but miss understating technical workflow with platform. :slight_smile:

I was trying to recreate the Texture2ColorArray op tutorial and when I was trying to disable (pressing “D”) on the “TriggerOnce” (to see continuous parameters updates) module then that wasn’t working as I was expecting - wasn’t bypassing the node and showing me parameter changes.

There’s a video of the problem:

Thanks, and I wish you a best day!

@gad hiya - hopefully i can explain!

D will disable the OP temporarily - however this will also disable any triggers going through. The op basically stops the flow - handy for debugging something or stopping stuff below it. Its a bit hard to catch here since Cube OP is pumping out a geometry, and it did it once, so mesh instancer already has the geometry - so disabling Trigger Once OP and the Cube OP below it won’t make the cubes in the Mesh Instancer dissapear. Try out the op Disable with something like the material for the Mesh Instancer or something, and you’ll see that the whole stack is disabled, not just the material for the Instancer.

What you are looking for is Shift-D which will temporarily Disconnect the op and therefore give you continuous control over the geometry fed to the Mesh Instancer in your case.

Lemme know if that does it for you