Device / Browser depended texture resolution

Looks like some browser / device combinations (thank you android) is not able to load textures greater than 4096x4096px. i tried looking for the GLinfo and switch the texture accordingly, low res for android, hi-res for everything else. The downside is, the browser transfers both textures (hi-res and low res). Any idea how to provide different textures for certain devices without loading/transfering all cases for every device ?

i guess this comes down to a question i had last year regarding the possibility to load textures dynamically on runtime. anyone ?


Texture has a toggle to be active or not, you might be able to use that in combination with SwitchTextures to pick only the “acive” texture, right?


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oh, the active toggle prevents loading to the browser, cool. so i have to check the max tex res and than activate the texture accordingly.

thank you very much