Data PointCloud - Value Individual Selection

Hi all,
Here’s my patch I’ve got stuck with:

I’m trying to on ‘MouseOver’ change the colour of each individual array value not the all of them at the same time. Can you help? please clone the patch.

My aim is then to on ‘Click’ display it’s value as a ‘TextMesh’ string.

Influence is this patch:

Cheers Richie


there were some bugs in the pysicsBodyArray op. those are now fixed and your patch works like this:

main difference is, i moved the pysicsBodyArray op down (after the transformation is applied)

Sadly, I can’t see your patch ‘403 Forbidden’?

Cheers Richie.

try again now

Hi Stephan,
Much appreciated. I did wonder if I needed to raycast… similar to your

Thanks for answering and showing me the light. (Actually Ray)

Cheers Richie