Data Out of cables

Hi there all!
i would like to know if its possile to send interactive data out of cables, via tcp or udp,
or maybe other protocol, the idea is to create a visual interface in browser that interacts with another device by network,
How can this be implemented_?

Hi artrevinho,

Pandur might correct me on this one but I don’t think it’s possible due to web browser security issues

We are working on getting something OSC based up and running though we aren’t able to give a release date yet.

What about mqtt? i saw ops and it can be a good solution for simple interactions…
does the op works? im trying to connect but seems doesnt get it.


the only “realtime” protocoll browsers allow is websockets.

mqtt/osc etc do not work in browsers natively, but there are wrappers for it (that use websockets).

the mqtt op works with for example

security issues: you should be fine if you use proxzs like if you do websocket, it should work for localhost, but for any other adress itll be more complicated and youll need secure websocket. which is kinda painfull to setup :slight_smile:

ok,so i trying to setup a mqtt connection trough,
i created an account and a token, how should be setup the mqtt op to connect to my account?..
i tried my username and password of the account and doesnt works…
any tip?

what do you want to connect to cables?

i would like to send to vvvv the value of a picker op for example, in another machine, when i touch a mesh, over network…

see this working example:

nice,please let us know if it worked!

Well first test is succeed , bidirectional comunication between vvvv and cables with mqtt works good,
im using a net library in vvvv, just need to get better cpu performance but the comunicattion is perfect, this opens a new world of possibilities in browser interactive apps.
amazing. i will try to make a tutorial soon.

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awesome! would love to see a tutorial !

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