Creating simple modifiers for client to modify scene & password protect them

Hi there,

I am looking to create a simple scene for a client and I’d like to give them the option to change textures, move objects etc without going in the cables editor.

Would that be possible? And if yes, how would you password protect this so the every visitor of the website cannot do the same?

Many thanks in advance



check out the sidebar ops and it’s “siblings” for functionality like that:

you can share a “secret link” with your client for non-published ops, then only
people with that secret url can view the patch.

if you need more fine grained permissions export the patch to your webserver
and do authentication there. you could, for example, add an ?mode=master to
the url and ask for a password. then get the current url with the UrlQueryParams op

and restrict changes in
the patch based on that. maybe simply hide the sidebar with an Equals connected to
the visibility port of the sidebar…

hope that helps!


Hey Stephan,

many thanks for that. Looks like it could do the trick!