Correction Mapping Cube

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pandur implemented the mapping function into the Cube OP for Cubed in cables ( Unfortunately some faces of the Cube are flipped and changed.

To visualize the problem I made a patch in which I corrected the OP code:

You have to change the orientation for Left, Right and Bottom (line 96-110)

        // Bottom face
        nx, ny,  z,
        x, ny,  z,
        x, ny, nz,
        nx, ny, nz,
        // Right face
        x,  y, z,
        x, y, nz,
        x, ny, nz,
        x, ny, z,
        // Left face
        nx,  y, nz,
        nx,  y,  z,
        nx, ny,  z,
        nx, ny, nz

And switch the Left and Right Face (line 174-183)

          // Right face
          sx*2+bias, sy+bias,
          sx*3-bias, sy+bias,
          sx*3-bias, sy*2-bias,
          sx*2+bias, sy*2-bias,
           // Left face
          sx*0+bias, sy+bias,
          sx*1-bias, sy+bias,
          sx*1-bias, sy*2-bias,
          sx*0+bias, sy*2-bias,

I hope that helps and maybe you can update the op with the next version update of cables.


Hi Dino,
Thanks for the report and the fix!
We’ll make sure to implement it in the next update.