Copyright rules

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I was wondering what the copyright is for the patches that are shared on cables, whether we are free to edit and use existing patches or whether we need to contact the creators? Is it completely open source?We want to be respectful of how we use the patches.

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we recently introduced a feature that “forces” you to choose a licence whenever you make your patch public.

we offer a selection ranging from “public domain”, through all the “creative commons” licences up to “all rights reserved”. we transferred all the patches that had no explicit licence attached to them to an “all rights reserved” state, since we simply don’t know how the author would have decided at the time of creation.

for these patches, please contact the author over any use of the patches or the contents thereof. for any other patch, please refer to the chosen licence which should be visible on the “view” page of the patch as small icons below, like this:


we are also in the process of making all the example patches "public domain"and in general are encouraging people to put their works under a “permissive” licence while also understading that it’s not possible all the time.

hope that helps clearing stuff up a bit and you find what you need :wink: