Copy cat requests

Hi everyone,

We’d like to ask you the community to post any cool images or gifs that you’d like to see recreated in Cables.
Everybody can learn a huge amount of new things by trying to recreate the things we love to see.
The really cool ones will be turned into a youtube video and added to the copy cat playlist on you tube.

The 1st video we did was based upon the “Elite dangerous loading screen”

Original image from in game

Our final result

To see how it was done check out our youtube video

Copy cat with cables Episode 2 is out now. Inspired by the work of @ 3dminimal and the old school c64 goto 10 code we’ve built a # generative art piece inside of cables. Check the video here

Image that inspired us.


final result

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Copy cat with cables episode 3 is out now.
Learn how to create a stylish transition from one image to another inspired by the loading screen from the computer game “Splinter cell Blacklist”. This episode will teach you how to create your own transitional effects with cables.
Youtube link :
Link to the patch:

Original image from the game

Our version

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this slitscan effect on the background of the site (desktop) :

@quasi here are three of them: don’t know when we can make more copy cat videos, but you can look at the patch:

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the particle one i leave for @andro :wink:


i guess using waveform is not the best solution here, but you get the point.
maybe we need some kind of simple random wave generator. maybe that could be done with a mesh.

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So amazingly helpful even without the video. Of course nothing beats hearing @andro explain WHY a certain OP is being used.

Huge thank you!

Can’t wait to see how you pull the particle one off Andro!

haha neat! yeah that would be interesting. thanks for taking time with that patch

@quasi are those from a tumblr or instgram or so ?

they are all from Tumblrs if memory serves me correctly. I collect tons of them and can always keep adding.

Would be great to learn how this effect from number one (cncd/fairlight using notch) can be reproduced in cables

and the explosion effect from spacecut (cncd) provided the loaded mesh in a way already consists of many small objects

Dino, made this patch <3


I doubt that the explosion effect was done in notch FX.
Normally you’d have a 3d mesh of text, split it with voronoi in something like blender3d or cinema 4d.
You’d then export the model with it’s keyframe animation of the explosion.
If its an FBX model then it can be played back with the animation in cables.