Comment OP doesn't support newlines

Its very hard to do any text formatting in the Comment OP. Like hitting enter a few times to create space doesn’t show up in the result of the Comment OP. Ideally the Comment OP would also support hyperlinks and some basic formatting.

Also the automatic newline cutoffs are very strange sometimes, it sometimes decides to do a newline with a super short single word on one line.

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Also formatting seems to be very off, the header font is disproportionally big compared to the content of the comment and the line spacing makes it at times touch characters on the next line.

Yeah, at the very least I’d like to be able to select my font size, for instance, especially with the title. Formatting would be great too, even if it is for something as “trivial” as a comment OP.

I notice a lot of people just leave out the title and type in the comment itself, since it’s a less stupidly huge font size.