ColorPalette example outputs warning / error in console

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In the ColorPalette Op as presented in the example.

Lines 63 to 67 create a warning/error in the console.

var filter=CGL.Texture.FILTER_NEAREST;
if(lastFilter==filter && textureOut.get()) textureOut.get().initTexture(canvas,filter);
    else textureOut.set(new CGL.Texture.createFromImage( op.patch.cgl, canvas, { "filter":filter } ));

It can be traced back to the main library:

this.checkFrameStarted = function(t) {
    this._frameStarted || (console.warn("frame not started " + t),
    console.log((new Error).stack))

I’m not sure how to fix this. I stumbled upon this while developing a new MyColorPalette op from an array of hex strings.

thanks, it is not really an error, it will be removed in the next version!