Chrome /Webaudio Autoplay

Seems like chrome has a issue with autostarting an exported patch where the webaudio api is used :
So far an user interaction is needed before the start of the patch.
This is an issue for many other patches here I see here as example , too.
As I replaced the autostart at the onload event in the exported index.html of a patch with a button onload it worked fine in chrome.

Maybe it would make sense to add a request at onload to check for this policy - and present a button if active ?

yeah. i have problems simulating this with chrome or chrome canary. will investigate as soon as chorme 70 is out.


so we have this now, which should help with the issue:

e.g. connect the “clicked” to the play boolean of the audiobufferplayer


Works fine for me, now :smiley: Thx!

the thing is, after one successfull user interaction chrome is fine with everything from that domain.
you have to “Reset Site Settings” to get it fail again…