Changing gradient colours with GradientTexture op

Hello. sorry didnt want to start a thread just for this but i really couldnt figure out how to change the gradients in the color picker ui. or perhaps its a bug im facing.

You can see the screen cap here:

link to patch here:

Please post a patch with your work.

posted! thanks

yes, it is a nasty bug :frowning:

often it works after reloading the patch.

we will look at this issue soon, best way right now is to use the simpler gradient op or a texture

also wanted to add that the rgb hsb and hex fields also dont appear sometimes. . anyway cool thanks!

hello. sorry to bring this up again but i think after a year, the gradienttexture op UI is still pretty unusable to me.

I still cant change the color of stops in the UI.
and sometimes the fields for RGBA and HEX code disappears completely.
I’ve attached a video capture of this behaviour here

It happens in any patches im working on but im sharing an example patch here just in case:

Happens on chrome 83, 84. imac / macbook pro mac os catalina.

Many thanks in advance!