Change values (Repeat2D)

Hi, I made a 2d pattern of circles with Repeat2d and now I want to change the segments at multiple specific indices (not ramdom).
e.g. 3,5,7 should have 3 segements / 2, 8,15 have 60

Furthermore, I need to manipulate different parametes at specific positions like color, transforms etc.
Is there a more proper way to place mutliple objects with specific parameters?
I come from VVVV and the spread-thing there is very handy. Is there something like the IO-Boxes in VVVV where I can work with datalists in realtime?

Thank you!

Hi Studiomux,

I’m not too sure what the “spread” or “IO” boxes do in VVVV.
Maybe you could post a more detailed breakdown of what they actually do?
This would make it easier to recommend any ops and a workflow to achieve what you want.
In the meantime I’d take a look at the MeshInstancer op and the ArrayLogic ops to achieve something similar to what you have in the patch.