Canvas resize on mobile - SOLVED

Hey hey,

I already saw a topic about it but didn’t work for me. My canvas isn’t scaling to my mobile proportions when it’s portrait, it’s more zoomed and I don’t know what’s wrong or if it’s a bug.

Here it’s my patch :confused:

Mobile phone type and OS?

I’m on iPhone XR + 12.3.1

I’m also finding my canvas appears wider on mobile and my elements don’t seem to scale correctly. found a workaround using a browsercheck, if mobile scale it this way… I’m on chrome on an iphone 7s

@margauxlallart the patch looks the same for me on my iphone xr and on desktop
the images are stretched on desktop too, because of the size of the rectangle
the title image is not showing because its too big for mobile

@keepitvisual: please show an example

anyway it would be great to have a video too see what is wrong, its hard to know whats the problem like this.
we do work cables stuff on mobile every day, so this works in general.

In trying to post the problem I was encountering a few weeks ago I noticed I had Hdpi coordinates checked on and this was causing me the issue I was having.

thanks @pandur for the answer, so the problem comes from the size of the rectangle ?