Cant edit/save custom Operators

I would really like to make custom ops more often, but there seem to be some issues with saving. So after e.g. copying an existing op, the editor window pops up and I can edit it, and also save it. But after this first initial save, no changes are saved anymore. The title in the text editor remains orange when I click on save, and the console only outputs an empty array (“annotations ”) each time I click save.

EDIT: Ok, so I figure it out myself while writing this, but I publish this anyway, in case someone has the same problem and I also think that this is some sort of UI bug, because the problem is UI related: There is an “edit op” button, but in the “documentation” tab, not in the “code” tab, where I would expect it. Also, the viewing and edit mode of the editor are visually the same, so I was not aware, that I was in a different mode of the editor, which is confusing. So having a “save” button in the view-only mode is probably redundant, especially, when there is no feedback on why you cannot save right now.

hey artur. thank you for your input, that makes total sense! i will adjust the ui to be more clear and remove the save button when in readonly mode etc.