Can't edit any Patch - SOLVED

When I try to edit a patch, I always get a message saying : “Error. Script Error. Reload” and then when on the edit page it says that the patch is empty.
I tried a lot of patch and none of them are working (personal but also other users patch), only the last one I created is editable.
I also tried on 3 different computers it is always the same, but when trying to connect with a friend account it is working, so it looks likes it has something to do with my account, I don’t know…

this was/is due to a syntax error in your user-op code for the “Hello”-Op. namely this


i commented this out, this should allow you to edit patches again. please make sure
your user-ops are syntactically valid javascript.



Thank you Stephan, it is working again.

Yes I don"'t know how it happened because I didn’t use cable for sometime and I got this when I reopened it…