Can't add tone.js library

Hello, I am following the documentation steps, but I am unable to add the tone.js library. what am i missing? I’m having these errors after following the documentation steps:

Tone is not defined
ReferenceError: Tone is not defined
at new Ops.User.felipelinsf.testeee (
at Pt.createOp (
at Pt.addOp (
at Pt.deSerialize (
at CABLES.UI.ServerOps.loadProjectLibs (
at CABLES.UI.Patch.setProject (
at Array.i (

Could you post your patch?

Sure, but it happens with any patch, even though they are empty. I’m just following the initial documentation steps

I tried it again and am having the same error.

I’m currently working on a project that uses tone and cables. Instead of embedding tone in cables like you were trying to do I just include it in my parent page then embed the cables sketch and communicate with it using something like CABLES.patch.setVariable("IsInteracting",true);. This is one of the more challenging part so fusing cables and I wish it was easier.

Hi Felipelinsf,
Could you please post a link to the part of the documentation you’re using?
We can then check if it’s correct and up to date.

Sure Andro, the link is this:

I just followed the steps there and can reproduce the problem.
I’ll file a ticket. Thanks for reporting.


I’ve run into this problem as well, following the steps at