Calling instagram hashtags

Any suggestions how one might get instagram images into cables?
I know you can search for different hashtags using this address: to search online.

Not sure how to grab the images though. Would be a great feature.

umm not sure if it would work but, in javascript you could use to get images from a user (you’d have to have access to this account) or get images from a particular hashtag. you’d need access token etc.

get the images with instafeed, make an array, pass the array into cables and then within cables, use the texture array loader op which if i remember correctly takes a url and then affixes numbers incrementally to get textures. have a look here:

Hi KeepItVisual,

I’d check out the instagram API and see if that has what you need.

@keepitvisual did you ever make this work?

Hey @mick Sorry for the late reply, was away for the last couple of weeks. I never managed to get this working, got a few days off and will give it another try, have you managed?


Hmm, yes I build this tonight. Hopefully it helps, let me know if you have any improvements!

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@mick This looks very exciting, I can’t wait to check this out.