Hi awesome cable-people,

I need a little bit of help. I’m using the newest version of the cables wp plugin on for my website. Up until now it was working “ok”. Today I updated a patch and now my page gives me an INSTANCE_ERR whenever I try to load it.

Any ideas?

my page is this:
my patch is this:


this seems to be a bug in how the wordpress plugin imports patches from cables and the latest changes on the export. i promise to take some time to fix the issues with the wordpress plugin in the next few days.

for now it might help if you export your patch from the editor as “multiple files” and load the js/vargetset.js file in your footer in wordpress just before closes.

something like this:

will definitely fix this really soon…sorry…


i just tried to quickfix this in a new release:

if everything goes fine you should get an “update available” for your cables plugin.

you can then (new!) go to the website integration of your patch and “delete” it, then reimport it…that should then work again.

sorry for abusing you as a guinea pig :frowning:



you sir are my personal hero of the day because of your quick response. :slight_smile:
thank you!
It didn’t quite do the trick yet unfortunatelly. The error message is gone, but I only get a black canvas now:

The update function works though! neat!

try updating the plugin again, hopefully no need to reimport the patch. let me know if this fixes stuff…

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YES! thank you thank you thank you.
Love this community. Love cables. Love your work!
Thank you!