Cables patch not displaying properly "error loading texture"

Hi, I’m fairly new to

I uploaded some cables patches to my website, but one of them doesn’t seem to display right.

I also get a “error loading texture” message in the browser console. I have uploaded the same patch some weeks ago and it didn’t have any issues, also other patches that I have uploaded, show up correctly. The problem occurs in all major browsers (chrome, firefox, safari, opera,…) but the patch seems to work in the legacy version of edge.

Can someone point me in the right direction to what could be the problem here?

This is the patch I am talking about:
This one is working fine:

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dont put sonderzeichen/umlauts in yout filenames

your server redirects to a notfound page -> see 301 http code, then you get a 404 because your error page /page-not-found/ does not exist :slight_smile:

Alright thanks, but are you sure that this is related to the cables patch not displaying properly?

Because I opened only the index.html file from the cables export in my browser, and it showed up corrupt as well, unrelated to my website.

isn’t this because you can’t just open your cables export locally without loosen the security settings of your browser ?

Hi, thanks for answering!

What do you mean exactly? I was able to view my cables exports in the browser before, by just opening the index.html file with a browser and they were displaying correctly. I also tried it in incognito-mode so that there would be no browser-extensions that coud potentially mess up my cables patch.


It seems to be fixed now.

The problem actually was a missing asset, which coused the texture loading error :see_no_evil:

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i was referring to this

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