Cables not working in Spanish country side

I hope someone can shine some light on this…
I discovered while I was living in Stockholm and I really love it…
Coming from puredata and knowing the basics of Quartz / vvvv/ touchdesigner / Vuo / ofelia, , etc, I still much prefer to anything else and I wanted it to be the tool of choice for graphics
I came to the country side in the beginning of 2020 and cables doesn’t work any more for me. Neither Chrome, safari or firefox can even open an empty editor…
The internet here is really not that bad… I can watch netflix / youtube without problems and even stream visuals with Obs or download stuff at an ok speed…

So I wonder if there is something “else” I could do / try… upgrading the internet connection is really not an option as internet via telephone cable doesnt work good here. (We have a pretty ok 4G router)
If making an offline app is not an option. What about doing a extension to help out making it run quick in places with crappy/er internet?
all the best


this sounds really weird. if you are able to watch netflix and all you should be fine with cables.

what happens when you open the editor? any errormessages in the console or something?
could you record a video an upload?


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video is private :expressionless:

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