Cables Loading Animation

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Hi there,
first… big shut out to the whole cables dev team. This tool is really a game changer.

My Question is, if there is a way to hide the default cables loading animation because I build my own.

Best Regard.

hey we really love the stuff you do!
when you export the loading anim is gone, its only on
we will think about removing it or make it optional

Aight. Thanks for this lighting fast reply :slight_smile:
Thing is I am planning on embeding some of the patches in a Webflow Environment. Easiest Way would be the Iframe, cause the Custom Code Option in Webflow are mainly Css related and i got some issues with assets.
So if you would implement the optional loading animation in the near future i would really grateful.

You can also just export it to Github Pages or Netlify :slight_smile: then you can embed it from there.


Gonna go with Github Pages. Actually it is piece of cake to publish a repository :smile: Thanks for the advice