SDK? Developing ops for

Hi community!

Long time Max user here who just started playing around with and it looks truly amazing, and it immediately sprang to mind that it would be an interesting environment for exploring the possibility of developing audio operators using the FAUST programming language, which compiles to the html5 webaudio api. Is there any plans for something like an sdk for developing cables ops? It could be pretty cool to have MSP style audio operators in cables.


nice to hear that you like cables, especially coming from a “max background”. in cables it is already possible to develop your own ops by simply creating a userop from the op-selection-menu (type in a name that doesn’t exists and press the button) or use the menu by selecting “op -> code a new op”).

for reference you can check our generate api-documentation here:

but i bet you would be better advised to simply check the sourcecode of existing ops and work from there. this can be done by adding an op to your patch, selecting it and then pressing the “e” key.

this is mainly also how we develop new ops for cables, btw.

if you have something up and running it would be cool if you’d be willing to share, then we might
move your userops over to be generally available.

lastly, for audio, maybe check these:

and all the video tutorials and examples attached to them.

hope this helps!


hi steam, thanks for this info this is great. i don’t have much experience with web but i pick things up rapidly. after I’m adjusted to cables I will start exploring it and share a github repository for people to follow along. loving the project, great work.