Cables Forum being moved to Github Discussions

Hi everyone!
Our cables forum is moving to a different platform - Github Discussions.
Over the next 2 weeks, we will be putting this version of the forum into the cryochamber. Expect that creating new topics here will not be possible after Friday, February 4th.

Meanwhile, please join up the new forum over here and feel free to continue as before! Please post questions, suggestions, share your work or ask for new copycat tutorials or tricks!

What’s the big idea?
Having the forum on our GitHub will keep us all closer together and engaged in getting great projects made in cables more efficiently. Our team uses Github a lot and having your suggestions, bug reports and technology discussion at one place will help make cables better faster.

How does it work?
Github Discussions is basically a forum platform - with cool features that allow us to organize and prioritize bugs you find, feature requests you desire and sharing inspiring design and art ideas.

To get started, register an account with Github, check out the new forum sections and start posting!

Are you deleting this forum?
There is great info here so no, we won’t be immediately deleting this forum, if at all. You’ll be able to visit it for some time as we settle in at the new address. See something essential or need answers? Please post it in our Discussions in the relevant category! After our new Discussion area is ready, we’ll change the links on and continue from there.

see you on the new forum!

-the cables team

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