Browser support SOLVED

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I was wondering about the current browser support. Some browsers (e.g. Safari) do not support WebGL 2.0.

Which ops currently depend on WebGL 2.0? Is there a way to find out easily, if op X depends on WebGL 1 or 2?

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many ops use webgl1 and 2 features at the same time, ops that only use webgl2 qare in the ops.gl2 namespace

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cool, was just looking for some information on this topic. :+1: I thought switching “Force WebGL v1” inside “my Preferences” would filter out the Ops.Gl2 features, but it does not. :thinking: What does it do exactly?

fyi: I’ve already asked this question here: Looking for more Information on "Force WebGL v1" (on/off) inside "my Preferences"