BarrelDistortion op displaces image with amount: 0


The barrel distortion op infuences the image with amount 0. It creates a “border”, as you would expect with a negative amount value. Here is an example:

when pushing the amount up, the image looks as expected. seems like the distortion value is offset or sth? I think it was not behaving like that in the past.


Hi Artur,
Thanks for the report.
There’s two things going on here.

  • Nothing has changed with the barrel distortion op, since the last update the image compose op now has its ‘wrap’ mode set to repeat. In the past this was ‘clamp to edge’. So there was still some kind of border there it just wasn’t as noticeable.
  • We’ve made an issue to fix that amount set to 0 shouldn’t create a border.

Ah yes, the default wrap mode was what caught me off guard. Thank you for investigating!