AudioBuffer Offset question - ANSWERED / SOLVED


I am trying to load two soundfiles into a patch and I would like them to be compliant with the timeline and audiobuffers seem like a great way to achieve this. However, I can’t seem to get them to respect the start or stop times. I would like to change the start time of song 2 to be 400 so that the when the timeline starts it waits 400 seconds until it plays, however when I try to do this they both start at time 0.

Also, when I am using TimelineUI I would like the progress bar to reflect the timeline (which is what I am assuming it is meant to do) however it does not seem to be updating no matter what value I set the length of the timeline to be.

Any help or advice is appreciated.




So, I’ve come up with a different solution where I made my own op and managed the playing and stopping with buttons. However, I would really like to have the timeline be stopped when the patch is loaded and then start along its animations when the user presses buttons to start the playback. Is this possible? Here is my progress so far:

Hi there,
a few things here
first to get the current time of the timeline use the TimeLineTime op

Plug into the GreaterOrequals op / set to 400
This will then give a booolean which can be used to trigger track two and turn off track one
For extra cool use the bool anim op to animate and fade in the volumes of each track based upon the state of that one bool.

I added the basics to your patch, look for the comment op