Are geometry feedback effects with shader effects possible?


I have only been playing with cables for a couple of weeks so I’m very new to it but have experience with other similar environments. I have to say I’m really enloying using cables and I think is a great tool already.

Im trying to get a feedback loop with geometry (some points for now) where a shader effect gets applied one frame and accumulated over time so every frame uses the geometry from previous frame like in a sim.

This was quite straightforward to get with texture effects to do a similar feedback effect but in images. Using two image compose chains and draw image to copy the result of one into the other and viceversa.

For the geometry I couldn’t find a way with the current nodes to get the resulting geometry buffer after the shadereffects are applied. Geometrypoints node doesnt seem to get the resulting points but just the geometry before applying the vertex deformations from the shadereffects.

Does anybody know a way that this could be done with the current nodes? If I want to try to write a node that does that, what would be the best approach?


Hi, I just posted the textureeffects feedback effect I was mentioning.

Im trying to do a similar thing but with geometry and shadereffects, but I guess there is currently no way of doing it.

Please let me know if Im wrong.



looks amazing!

Hi Andreu,
This feature isn’t currently supported within cables.

still thinking about this. i’ll let you know when we have this. not sure when i can work on it

Also curious about this but as you got feedback working for textures, which I’m still unsure how you do looking at your setup, if there was a way to convert vertex positions to textures and back that would be problem solved?