Animating camera positions with buttons - SOLVED

Hi there! Cables newbie here :slight_smile:

I am looking to build a model previzualisation tool and have the camera moving to predefined locations (next / previous for 4 different locations) by pressing buttons. Please see image below for reference.

I am trying to figure out how to setup the button system. At the moment, I use an ‘interactive rectangle OP’ along with a ‘bool anim’ or a preset and it does one movement fine. I am struggling though to think of a way to have the buttons adapt to the new location of the camera so the respective next / previous buttons match up.

Does someone have an idea of how I could make this work?

Many thanks in advance


you could keep your InteractiveRectangle buttons as an overlay. Just render them in a second render2texture and mix both, the cube and the overlays in an ImageCompose.

To go through the different scenes you can use an Incrementor. Connected the triggers with the leftClick of the InteractiveRectangles. Use the number to trigger the different scenes with the Preset. And use Smooth OP to negate jumps.

I hope I could help,


That’s very helpful Dino, thanks a million

Hi Bikoutelis,
Here’s an example patch
If you get stuck with anything else just ask your questions here.

Hi Mark,

thank you very much for putting this together, it’s most helpful.