Adding import for glTF 2.0?

As I am using Blender 2.8 - I tried to export some models with animations as fbx and collada - which didn´t work out great. For the reasons to me unknown - maight be some issues by the export - to what features must be included or some problems with the exporter itself.

A successful result I had just had with export obj in a sequence in zip files which seems not like the best way in size and performance and then is there the problem with the static number of vertices and faces.

Will there be a support for GLTF2.0 in the future? As it seems in combination with webgl a good choice and is added as an export option by blender, too.

hi, we are using assimp for 3d file conversion. it supports gltf. can you send me an example gltf file with multiple objects and animations ?
ill test it and enable gltf file format then!

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sure, I will do that - I just have to set another object for that.

or sent it in private, will not publish it.

Hey, is there any update on this?

I have to give this thread a bump because really I love cables but really throws a wrench into my process to not being able to import animations. I was working with Verge3d which has a great glTF importer that just works with animation and bones and has a great pbr look to it. I would prefer to use Cables because it is way more flexible and fun to work with.

–some time later

Actually, after some more investigation, you can see the animation data in the glTF inspector. Tried to drive the time parameter with a timer but nothing gives…

–and even later

So, okay sorry for the misinformation. Keyframes work! I was testing a simple character and apparently bones do not work but normal keyframes do. Well, at least the cube that is bouncing as a test :wink: Please correct me if I am still wrong.

Has someone already some experience with the exporter from Blender for gltf ? I tried several exports with different settings but I end up with broken objects or stuff that that can not loaded into cables.

Hi Titus,
Check out the latest GLTF tutorial